Woodland Garden Project

We started with a blank palette. The front yard was a weed-filled slope with two glorious purple plum trees providing lots of shaded space. Because the soil on this property is made up of a lot of clay, rain would rush off the property and into the street. We decide to build up a low retaining wall with boulders to lessen the slope of the yard, letting rain water sink into the soil were the plants can access it, instead of running into the storm drains and out the ocean. Because of the plum trees, we chose shade tolerant Mediterranean adaptive and California native plants to create a naturalistic woodland look. The corner of the property receives full sun for most of the day, and we incorporated edible plantings such as pineapple guavas, artichokes and culinary herbs that seamlessly integrated with the shade loving plants. This yard is now a low-maintenance, water wise garden that breathes new life into this 1960's house.