Upcycled Side Yard

When this homeowner’s neighbor removed two, two- story-high Ficus trees, her side-yard became baron and sunbaked. Concrete covers virtually the whole area from the house to the property line, but because the side-yard has a lot of foot traffic and serves as a sitting area to the basement apartment, the owner did not want to remove any of the concrete. The solution was to put up fencing to block the view of the neighbor’s house, then upcycle wine barrels and 55-gallon drums into huge planters. The drums are large enough to accommodate a full-sized trees and provide the added advantage of giving height to smaller trees to provide further screening of the neighbor’s house. Everything was painted in bright colors to give the space a cheery Caribbean feel. The neighbor’s tree removal ended up as a blessing in disguise, because what had been a drab trough-way was transformed into a happy patio.