Oasis Project

In this project, the home owner was a furniture importer, so she had an amazing array of decorative elements to add to the design. After spending years traveling through Indonesia and India on buying trips, she wanted a taste of the tropics in her own back yard. We worked together to incorporate her beautiful objects into an undeniably tropical-feeling space. By carefully selecting plants and their placement, we were able to achieve the lush green feel of Bali or Hawaii in the Southern California climate without using a lot of water.

After installation, this oasis is alive with birds and dragonflies. Lush green plantings create microclimates around the house that help cool the property on hot days. Integrating edible trees provides the homeowner with pomegranates, several types of guavas, lemons, limes, and bananas. Today, the homeowner rents out her home and garden for photo shoots and weddings.