Life in the garden 

The goal with the gardens that we work on is to help connect clients with the outdoor-world, and allow communities to live in harmony with nature. Too often, gardens are spaces that aim to control and dominate nature. We strive to change that paradigm and allow the built landscape to be a space were nature is invited in. We consistently see an increase in wildlife in the gardens we have worked on, and take that as confirmation of a job well done. Being surrounded by chirping birds, croaking frogs, and beautify colored insects fluttering around adds an extra layer of pleasure to the landscape. With correct plantings, hardscaping, and   soil-care, nature is invited in and an ecological balance is found. Birds keep damaging insect populations at bay, and their droppings help build healthy soil that feeds plants and improves the plants’ immune systems. Bees help pollinate flowers, allowing them to turn into fruit. Frogs, lizards and dragonflies keep fly and mosquito populations in check. The list goes on, but the point is when you invite wildlife into your landscape it doesn’t just add interest, but allows for a more-resilient outdoor space that requires fewer inputs.