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Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslides Art Therapy

Living and working in the areas affected by they Thomas Fire and the following debris flows, my world was rocked and members of my community faced devastation. I was honored to be approached to help design a sculpture that could be built in an art therapy workshop. After the debris flows the local beaches were inundated with logs and large sticks. I collected these and fashioned them into tipi-like structure to represent the idea of home, knowing that some of the participants were in mourning for the loss of their homes. Participants were welcomed to paint on small pieces of silk (some of whom chose to attach them to the structures) and wrap the sticks with yarn in an act of catharsis. All the fibers used in this project were made from natural materials and dyed with natural dye with the idea that as theses structures degrade and go back to the earth, lives and homes will be rebuilt and thrive again.

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